Card Types

Puff-Puff-Pass Card

If you are not smoking, light up, then puff-puff-pass.

Reverse Card

Reverses play of the game. Give 2 cards to any player. You can now take weed/blunt from any player that’s smoking.

Skip Card

The next player in line is passed over.

Trap House
Trap-House Card

Light up. Give the player to the right and left one card each.

Edible Card

Player must eat an edible.

Dab Card

Take a dab or hit your vape pen.

Wild Card
Wild Card

Changes color to players choice. Can be used to match number, special or other wild cards.

Sticky Icky
Sticky-Icky Card

Player on the right must take 3 from the deck.

Bong Card

Gives 2 cards to any player.

Light Up
Light Up Card

Light Up. You can exchange your hand with any player.